Cheese Fundraising

Are you seeking a reliable and profitable fundraising solution for your organization? Consider Simply Cheese, a family-owned small business dedicated to providing high-quality Amish cheeses while supporting your fundraising endeavors.

Effective Fundraising
Our straightforward and efficient fundraising program allows you to raise funds while offering a delectable selection of cheeses your supporters will love.

Unparalleled Quality and Variety
Our wholesome, hormone-free Amish cheeses from Middlefield Original Cheese Co-op are crafted from the purest ingredients, catering to diverse preferences with traditional, grass-fed, and goat-milk options.

Mutual Benefit
Simply Cheese offers a win-win situation: your organization earns $1.50 profit per pound sold, while your supporters enjoy delicious and nutritious cheeses.

Flexible Sales Strategies
Tailor your fundraising strategy to your organization's needs, whether it's hosting special events, selling at community gatherings, or targeting your members and their families.

Unwavering Support
Simply Cheese is committed to your success. We provide comprehensive guidance throughout the process, ensuring a smooth and productive fundraising experience.

Embark on a Successful Fundraising Journey
Contact Simply Cheese today to discuss how our fundraising program can elevate your organization's fundraising efforts.


Want to have a successful fundraising campaign? Here's how Simply Cheese can help you sell our quality cheese that your supporters will love:
Begin by seeking approval for your fundraising initiative and contacting Simply Cheese. Once approved, we'll equip you with the necessary information and forms to kick-start the process.
  • Choose your campaign dates and notify us at least 1-2 weeks in advance to ensure timely order processing.
  • During the suggested 10 to 14-day period, your group members gather orders for our delicious cheeses.
  • Once the campaign concludes, the group leader collects all orders and places a consolidated order with Simply Cheese. We swiftly ship out orders, providing tracking numbers for your reference.
  • Members then deliver the orders to supporters, ensuring they receive fresh cheese. Store any orders that can't be delivered right away in a refrigerated space to maintain freshness.
  • Following delivery, we'll send you an invoice detailing the total order, your discount (the amount retained), and the balance owed. Payment can be made via PayPal or check.
With Simply Cheese's help, your fundraiser will be a cheesy success!


Q: Who can participate in Simply Cheese fundraisers? A: Non-profit organizations, schools, sports teams, and community groups.

Q: How long should our fundraiser run? A: 10 to 14 days is recommended; we advise against extending it beyond 4 weeks.

Q: How can we promote our cheese fundraiser? A: Utilize local advertising, distribute flyers, leverage your organization's online platforms, and engage supporters through emails and local businesses.

Q: What's the protocol for handling shipped cheese? A: Whenever possible, deliver the cheese promptly. Refrigeration is vital; if immediate delivery isn't feasible, refrigerate the cheese for up to 2 weeks.

Q: How do we receive funds from cheese sales? A: After delivery, Simply Cheese will issue an invoice. You'll have two weeks to collect payment from customers and settle the invoice.

Q: Is there a minimum cheese order requirement? A: The minimum order is $500, equating roughly 60-80 pounds of cheese.

Q: Are shipping costs applicable? A: Not at all! Shipping is on us, allowing you to retain the funds raised for your cause.

If you have any further questions about our program, or if your group is ready to make some dough selling our cheese, please contact us using our Contact Form.