Exploring the fascinating world of the Amish: faith, family, and cheese-making

Have you heard of the Amish? They're a religious group that started in Switzerland way back in the early 16th century. Their leader, Jakob Ammann, believed that the church should be a separate, distinct community from society, so he and his followers focused on strict adherence to biblical teachings, simplicity, and humility. 

Fast forward a couple hundred years to the 18th century, when many Amish decided to make the move to North America. They were looking for religious freedom and cheap land, and they found it in places like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. Today, there are about 350,000 Amish people living in the United States and Canada. 

Now, what sets the Amish apart from the rest of us "English" folks? Well, for starters, they don't believe in using modern technology and focus on agriculture, manual labor, and traditional crafts. They dress simply, wear plain clothing, use hand tools for farming, and use horses and buggies for transportation. 

The Amish are known for their dairy farming and cheese-making skills. They've been making cheese since they first settled in North America, using traditional European methods. Cheese-making was a way for them to preserve milk, which was a valuable resource on their farms. They would use the excess milk produced by their dairy cows to make cheese, which could be stored for longer periods of time than fresh milk. Cheese-making also allowed the Amish to add value to their milk by producing a product that could be sold or traded with other members of their community. 

Beyond their dairy farming skills, the Amish are also known for their strong emphasis on faith and family. They believe that the family is the primary unit of society, and that the individual's role is to support and serve the family and community. They believe in the importance of living a simple, humble life, and they see material possessions and worldly pursuits as distractions from their faith. The Amish place a great deal of value on strong family relationships, and they work hard to maintain those relationships through regular family gatherings, shared meals, religious services, and other activities. 

Simply Cheese is proud to partner with an Amish-farmer owned dairy co-op in Northern Ohio. Every time you buy cheese from us, you help support these families.