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This Middlefield Parmesan Cheese is out of this world! It is crazy good. It has a medium to hard texture, and is great for shredding onto salads and pasta dishes, as a topping for pizzas, or just for eating by the slice (but make them thin, because this is a strong, delicious, slightly salty cheese).

Ingredients: Pasteurized Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Roz, 09/10/2014

Less salty than italian imports. Locally made. Can grate or slice. Great all around cheese.

Reviewed by Bel C., 10/31/2012

Sweet, buttery flavor, not salty as I expected -- and was hoping against. Such a welcome change from the grated cardboard one buys at the grocery. Fine texture, easily grated, and it handles freezing very well. Thanks again!

Reviewed by Karsten H., 10/31/2012

I am gonna have to 2nd Bel....This is not like any Parmesan I have ever had. Smooth and creamy unlike the store-bought course grated stuff. A little bit of this Parmesan goes a lot further than say a pound of the store bought stuff.

Reviewed by Yvonna A., 10/31/2012

I never cared for parmesan texture or flavor til I tasted this! Try it - a delightfully creamy yet hard cheese.

Reviewed by Lorraine S., 10/31/2012

This Parmesan is fabulous. It melts like a dream and the flavor is unsurpassed.