Lacy Low Sodium Swiss

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Lacy Swiss is sometimes mistaken for Baby Swiss due to its many small holes. But Lacy Swiss is actually quite different. It is a Swiss cheese, but the whole milk used to produce Swiss cheese is replaced with lowfat milk to provide a healthier alternative with a lower fat content.

Lacy Swiss is so named because when sliced, the white to ivory colored slices look like lace. Lacy Swiss has a delightfully light and nutty flavor, but a lower calorie and sodium content than the original Swiss cheese. Lacy Swiss cheese is mild, and bears more resemblance to cheeses like Monterey Jack and Provolone. It can have a very slight taste of nuts, but it won't resemble the sharpness of the fatter cheeses. Lacy Swiss is a great table cheese and is a great lower calorie alternative on deli sandwiches or to top off hamburgers and patty melts.

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