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Featuring Guggisberg Baby and Premium Swiss cheeses, along with a low-sodium and smoked variety.

Lacy Low Sodium Swiss

Lacy Swiss is sometimes mistaken for Baby Swiss due to its many small holes. But Lacy Swiss is actually quite different. It is a Swiss cheese, but the whole milk used to produce Swiss cheese is replaced with lowfat milk to provide a healthier alternative with a lower fat content.

$8.50 - $39.00
Guggisberg Premium Swiss 1lb

Premium Swiss from Guggisberg Cheese. You'll love the pleasantly mild, slightly nutty flavor. Stronger than the Baby Swiss--delicious!

4-lb Wheel
Guggisberg Baby Swiss

Baby Swiss by Guggisberg is the original Baby Swiss. It is a delicious semi-soft cheese with a buttery, subtly sweet flavor.

$6.49 - $23.30
Hickory Smoked Swiss 1lb

Biery's Hickory Smoked Swiss Chees is naturally blended and smoked with real hickory wood chips in a traditional smokehouse, not sprayed on.