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Our organic cheeses come from certified organic small family farms located in western Pennsylvania and northeastern Ohio. These Amish farmers farm with horses andbelieve in keeping the soil as natural as possible, which means no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides are used.

These farms are inspected and certified under OEFFA. These family farms consist of 12 to 20 cows, all milked by hand. The milk is put in 10-gallon milk cans and chilled with water, and then shipped daily to a farmer-owned cheese plant where it is made into premium specialty cheeses.

All the farms meet the USDA high standards for dairy farmers to be able to label their products Organic. The process begins with the requirement of farming the land organically for three years prior to certification. All animal feed must be certified organic, meaning that it must be all-natural, cannot be genetically modified, cannot be grown with chemical fertilizers, and must come from a certified organic farm. Milk-producing animals may not be pasture grazed on land that is sprayed with insecticide, and may not be given antibiotics either.

The cheese plant is USDA, FDA, and ODA inspected and approved. Inside the plant, all ingredients, in addition to the milk, must be certified organic.

All of this means that you can be assured of an all-natural, high-quality (and tasty!) product.


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