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Mrs. Miller's all natural noodles offer an exciting alternative to plain pasta noodles. Both delicious and healthy, these Vegetable Noodles are made with extra fancy durum wheat flour, all natural vegetable powders, and egg whites. Cholesterol free.16 oz.


Mrs. Miller's Whole Wheat Noodles 14oz

Mrs. Miller's all natural whole wheat noodles allow you to enjoy tasty, homemade pasta with all the benefits of whole wheat. Cook up a hearty dish with a nutty, wheat taste! 100% whole wheat, 100% percent delicious. 14 oz.

Mrs. Miller's Vegetable Mix Noodles 14oz

Enjoy a medley of all natural vegetable-flavored noodles. 14 oz.

Mrs. Miller's Spinach Noodles 14oz

A great way of getting your children to eat their spinach! These all natural noodles are cholesterol free and packed with flavor. 14 oz.

Mrs. Miller's Lemon-Pepper Noodles 14oz

These all natural, lemon-and-pepper-flavored, homemade noodles can be added to spice up any dish. 14 oz.

Bell Pepper Basil Noodles
Mrs. Miller's Bell Pepper-Basil Noodles 14oz

Mrs. Miller's all natural bell pepper-basil noodles are an exciting alternative to plain pasta. This variety of all natural noodles offers the perfect combination of bell pepper and and basil with just a hint of garlic. Hearty pepper taste and all the seasoning you love. 14 oz bag.