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Located in Middlefield, Ohio, the Miller family uses the same jam-making process the Amish community has used for generations. But instead of picking the fruit off nearby trees and bushes, they buy high-quality produce from a cooperative of family farmers in Southern Michigan. Frozen immediately after it is picked, the fruit is stored in commercial freezers until the Millers are ready to make their jams.

The fruit is first thawed slowly, over three days. The jam-making process takes about 30 minutes from beginning to end with the Miller family working as a team. After the fruit is fully thawed, fruit pectin is added to aid in jelling the fruit, and the mixture is poured into a kettle where a measure of sugar is added. No water is added to thin the mix because it would reduce the quality and flavor. The fruit mix is hand-stirred while quickly heated to boiling and cooked for 2 minutes in a stainless steel container on gas-fired burners.

The hot mixture is poured immediately into sterilized 1/2-pint and 1-pint jars and processed for 10 minutes in a boiling water bath to ensure all bacteria has been eradicated. Because the cooking and canning are done so quickly and the batches kept small, the resulting thick, fruity, spread smells and tastes very much like the fruit from which it is made from.

Miller's Apple Butter 18oz

Homemade taste of Apple Butter, great for your bagels, muffins, or toast.