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Built in 1834 by Hiram and Milo Fowler, Fowler's Mill was a working mill for generations. Rick and Billie Erickson were enchanted by the creek-side property and bought it in 1985 with the intent of restoring the mill to its original use.

An engineer by training and always intrigued with agriculture, Rick developed an interest in baking that evolved into old-world milling in which grains are ground between two stones. This slower method of milling enables the grains to remain cool, resulting in flours that retain their high nutritional value and flavor. Stone-ground whole-grain flours and meals contain the three major grain components - bran, endosperm and germ - providing wholesome fiber, vitamins and minerals for maximum nourishment.

The Erickson's grind locally grown corn and wheat into flours and meals, making them into baking mixes for delicious pancakes, muffins, cookies and fruit-based desserts. Billie and the mill staff test and develop all of the recipes in their home kitchens. Rick and the mill employees turn these recipes into nutritious products that contain no preservatives or additives


Fowler's Rich Chocolate Brownie Mix 1lb

Brownies don't get any better than this!

Fowler's Flaky Pie Crust Mix 1lb

Delicious and flaky!

Fowler's Buttermilk Biscuit Mix 1lb

Old Fashioned Buttermilk Biscuit Mix!

Fowler's Banana Bread Mix 1lb

Just add bananas, eggs, oil, and milk. YUM!

Fowler's Gingerbread Cookie Mix 1lb

A wholesome mix for making delicious gingerbread cookies!

Fowler's Sugar Cookie Mix 1lb

A wholesome mix for making delicious sugar cookies!

Fowler's Whole Wheat Pancake Mix 1lb

The best pancakes you've ever tasted!